Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
BJJ Kids (Ages 7-13) 5:15-6:15pm Muay Thai Adults 6:00-7:00pm BJJ Kids (Ages 7-13) 5:15-6:15pm Judo Kids (Ages 4-6) 5:00-6:00pm BJJ Adults 7:00pm-8:30pm Judo Kids (Ages 4-13) 10:30-11:30am
Judo Kids (Ages 7-13) 6:30-7:30pm BJJ Adults 7:00-8:30pm Judo Kids (Ages 7-13) 6:30-7:30pm Muay Thai Adults 6:00-7:00pm Judo Adults 11:45-1:15pm
Judo Adults 7:45-9:15pm Judo Adults 7:45-9:15pm BJJ Adults 7:00-8:30pm BJJ Adults 1:30-2:30pm
BJJ Adults 9:30-10:30pm BJJ Adults 9:30-10:30pm

  • This schedule is subject to change